Hip Hop Pendants

Indeed, the most famous rappers wear very impressive pendants and pay good money for it. Which is insane!

1) Hip-hop pendants bearing the effigy of rap bosses

It's true that the majority of rappers are gangsters. They demonstrate power, fame, domination and money.
It is important to know, that their bling jewelry is a reflection of these representations. We see here the hip-hop pendants.
If you wish to adopt a style of rapper, offer you our hip-hop pendants, which are emblematic of the hip-hop style.

2) The quality of our hip-hop pendants

All of our pendants are made by our craftsmen. Who, privilege the quality of the quantity.
Surrounded by diamonds, in steel, platinum, gold or silver, our pendants go through several tests in order to provide you with the most optimal final quality.

3) Dermatologically tested

One of our main objectives is to guarantee optimal security for our customers. This is why our specialised team constantly tests our hip-hop pendants before they are put on sale.