We think of you ladies. 

More and more women love hip-hop music, and also more and more women are wearing a hip-hop look. 

 1) Hip-hop jewelry for women

Most of the time, women's jewelry are simple creole rings or earrings. This is not really original anymore. 

Adopting a hip-hop look for a woman, allows her to differentiate herself from society and enhance her passion for hip-hop music. 

 2) A style that remains feminine

At first glance, one might think that a woman who loves American rap could be a tomboy, a ghetto girl. However, this is not always the case, and more and more of these ladies are just trying to stay feminine. 

That's why our hip-hop jewelry for women is designed for all women. In order to guarantee optimal satisfaction. 

 3) Perfect quality

Our primary goal is to offer hip-hop jewelry of unbeatable quality. To do so, our craftsmen are dedicated to making jewelry that is very resistant and durable over time. 

For you ladies, know that our hip-hop jewelry for women are made with more intention. Indeed we engage women in hip-hop in order to validate our products, and to offer you, what you like.