Hip Hop Earrings

To obtain a hip-hop style suitable for the new generation, it is important to wear earrings with real diamonds, which the effigy of Diamondshape.
Choose an unbeatable style! 

1) Hip-hop earrings for a complete style

Diamondshape offers you, so that you can have a complete hip-hop style, hip-hop earrings.Indeed, if you are a fan of certain rappers, or if you are a rapper yourself, wearing hip-hop jewelry is essential to be like American hip-hop.
Just look at Snoop Dog and see that he's a good hip-hop jewelry wearer, he also
wears hip-hop earrings.
2) Hip-hop earrings for everyone
In order to guarantee satisfaction to all its customers, Diamondshape offers hip-hop earrings for men but also for women.
3) Excellent quality!
Diamondshape makes their own hip-hop jewelry, so our bling earrings are of exceptional quality. Indeed, our craftsmen are dedicated to offer you high quality jewelry, without imperfections.
4) Different shapes of hip-hop earrings
Most rappers wear different types of hip-hop jewelry, that's why Diamondshape offers you different types of bling earrings in this collection. Like gold hip-hop earrings, star bling earrings, Bing wedding earrings too.
5) N ° 1 in the collection of frozen earrings
DiamondShape effectively proclaims itself the N°1 seller of hip-hop earrings. If you are just looking for a CZ earring, or specific earring, you will find your search here.
Made with highly detailed frames, we recommend the micropave earrings. Please feel free to check out all of our collections, we also have hip hop earrings in gold or CZ stone, so it is much better than low quality plastic earrings.
6) CZ stones, an increasing trend
Why are our hip-hop earrings mostly made from CZ stones?
The reason is simple, CZ stones offer the same characteristics as real diamonds, in fact, although some of our bling earrings have real diamonds, those made from CZ stones offer exactly the same brilliance as the real ones. diamonds. Wear CZ studs without difficulty, or any other type of earrings, and have the perfect hip-hop style!
Equipped with diamonds, the majority of our hip-hop earrings in pike, square or any other shape are 90% real diamonds.