how to dance hip hop

How To Dance Hip Hop

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1) Master the basics

how to dance hip hopHip-hop is a variety of music that arose among the black American and Latin youth of South Bronx and Harlem in the 1970s. You can now hear hip-hop in nightclubs, in dance schools and just about everywhere. elsewhere. When you hear Chris Brown's Forever or Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice, then it's in the best interest of you to sound like you know what you're doing! To learn how to dance hip-hop, first go to step one.

Wear comfortable clothes and relax. To dance, you will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing. When you go out to a club, you can choose clothes that are tight and less comfortable, but to practice, make yourself as comfortable as possible.Wear shoes that do not grip the floor too much. You should be able to slide and spin easily. If your shoes catch the floor during a fast movement, you could fall and even sprain an ankle.

Relax when dancing hip hop, you don't have to look too stiff. Be relaxed and comfortable in your body, instead of standing up straight like a stake. Once your body is relaxed, move as you feel, following the rhythm. Let go and don't be nervous.

Stand with your feet in line with your shoulders. This is the ideal position to start dancing hip-hop. By adopting this basic position, it will be easy for you to try all the movements you want to try. Your knees should be slightly bent, which will make it easier for you to dance, and you will avoid appearing too stiff and formal.

Keep your arms at your side. Do not cross your arms or play with your hands. Just keep your arms and hands relaxed at your sides and start moving without tensing up.

Move your hips. When dancing hip-hop it is important to involve your hips. You will need to move your hips to the right, to the left, forwards or backwards, all while following the music. These movements can be your first step towards more sophisticated movements.

Start moving. Nothing forces you to dance like the others, but at least know the movements. There is no set way to dance hip-hop. Stay relaxed, move your hips, and do whatever comes naturally to you. You can borrow elements from famous choreographies or invent your own movements: be creative and try new sequences. To find your inspiration and try new moves, go to the next section.

Remember: it doesn't matter whether you know what you're doing or not. By looking confident and having confidence in your movements, people won't question your skills as a hip-hop dancer.

2) Master the movements

hip hop danceLock in. The Locking was created in the 1970s in the United States by Don Campbellock and Toni Basil. At the same time, they created the group The Lockers. You don't have to do an entire choreography: you could very well do only the first few seconds before moving on to another movement. To find out what Locking is, watch this video on YouTube.

lockin hip hop
Make stanky leg. Here is another fun dance move, making one of the legs seem like paralyzed. Although this movement is originally part of a complete choreography, you can nevertheless integrate the "stanky leg" in your own sequences. All you have to do is anchor one foot to the ground and then lean in the opposite direction, moving your whole body except the leg that is anchored to the ground, making it appear as though it is paralyzed. After a few seconds, switch legs and repeat the movement.

stanky leg

Learn body pop. Boby pop is another classic hip-hop movement, where you'll have every part of your body dance, one after the other. You will then be able to move only your arms, your shoulders, then your chest. It's a great movement to incorporate into your choreography, but don't overdo it!
popping dance
Make the helicopter. The helicopter is a classic break dance move in which you will squat with your hands on the ground and wiggle one leg around your body. To achieve this, you will need to raise your hands and jump at the right time, so that your leg is not blocked by your other foot and your hands. This move is great on the dance floor, especially if you're dancing in a circle.

helicopter dance

Try the pop, lock and drop. This movement perfectly matches its name. To begin with, you “pop” a part of your body. Then you suddenly stop moving (“lock”), before you drop your body, spreading your feet (“drop”). You can integrate this movement into any sequence.

pop lock and drop dance

Try the shuffle. You can learn T-step, master the running man and even combine these two movements. The shuffle is a classic movement that requires coordination and nimble feet. If you do it right, you will soon be a dance floor pro.

shuffle dance hip hop

Go Freestyle. Freestyle hip-hop also known as newstyle (which means “New York style” and not “new style”) was brought by the Elite Force / MOPTOP groups to New York in the 80's and 90's. For good examples of Newstyle.

Do the moonwalk. Michael Jackson would be proud of you if he saw you take ownership of his favorite dance floor movement. You will need to control the movement of your feet and give the impression of moving forward when in reality you are backing up! You can then bring out that movement in the middle of any song, if only for a few seconds.

Popping. Popping was created in the 70s in the city of Fresno in the United States by Boogaloo Sam (who also created Boogaloo) and at the same time created the group Electric Boogaloo, founding group of Popping.

Do House dance. House dance is a style that is danced to house (as the name suggests)! It was invented in clubs in the United States in the 80s-90s by several dancers including many members of Elite Force and Moptop: Ejoe, Marjorie, Caleaf, Tony McGregor, Brian Green, etc.

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