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Have a hip-hop style

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 Have a hip-hop style

Hip-Hop, inspired by the hip-hop musical style, the clothing style of the same name is intended to be comfortable, wide, ample, so as to encourage movement, ease, movement, pace, without forgetting the appropriate jewelry ( rings, pendants, bracelets, chains).


It is worn by young people, girls or boys, Men or Women, who want to assert their belonging to this group! The pants are baggy, jogging type, the hooded jackets and the zipper closed on the front, in cotton fleece, the shoes are most often sneakers and to perfect the whole cap.
Let's talk about jewelry ...
Young people of our generation love rap, which is likely similar to hip-hop. Among some hip-hop stars, we can find rappers such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, 6IX Nine, and many others.
But what is the particularity, the common point of these rappers who idolize our young people so much today? No, it's not their dress, let's take a look at Wiz Khalifa's outfit here, it's pretty simple, fashionable, fashion.
 Or let's look at 6ix9ine's outfit, which is also simplistic or even minimalist.
However, we can always admit that the outfits here are their daily outfits, their stage outfits let us specify that they are different, for 6ix9ine often colored, or for Wiz Khalifa often open jacket, revealing his tattoos.
But ... back to our subject, the particularity of all these rappers, also European, Asian, African, ... is their jewelry.
Yes, their jewelry is for all the same style, more commonly called the bling-bling style.
No matter what they dress, all these rappers have bling-bling jewelry.
Excluding oversized clothing, ... a certain language, and behavior, to have a hip-hop style, you will need to wear bling-bling jewelry.
But what is bling-bling jewelry?
Rings, bracelets, pendants, chains, ... showing that the jewelry has a value, that is to say, wearing a diamond, pearl, or other stone, or so impressive size showing that our person imposes his personality, are signs that shows that the jewelry is bling-bling.
There are obviously other criteria to take into account to validate the jewelry in our hip-hop style, it is the material of the jewelry. The latter must be in gold (white or gold) or silver.
We can therefore realize that having a hip-hip style is u a style where we show that we have money, or that we impose ourselves in general.
You have to have a certain character, a certain personality.
So now, you know everything, to opt for a hip-hop style, you need:
- Large clothes (oversize)
- bling-bling style jewelry
- an adequate character and personality

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